Why You Should Consider Using a Wedding Day Coordinator

A wedding day coordinator should be considered as a must-have when planning for your wedding day. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Things don’t always go to plan!

If the unexpected happens a, wedding day coordinator will be on hand to troubleshoot any problems that may arise allowing the day to run smoothly.

2. You, your groom and your bridal party are left to enjoy a stress free day.

If your bridal party or family members are unsure about anything, the coordinator is on hand to give directions and answer any questions they may have leaving the bride and groom free to enjoy their day.

3. A wedding day coordinator will manage all of your vendors

Making sure they know what they are doing, where they need to be and at what time. Each vendor needs to coordinate and work with each other at various points throughout your wedding day. The coordinator becomes the liaison between all vendors, making sure they know who is responsible for what.

4. A wedding day coordinator can help you think realistically about the logistics of your day, plus create a timeline for you!

A wedding day coordinator will know how much time should be allotted for the cake cutting, toasts, dances, and more. If you go with a wedding day coordinator they will make sure that everything runs in order, and the times of each event are just the right amount.

5. The wedding day coordinator will be there for the ‘clean up’

At the end of the night a wedding day coordinator will help restore the venue to its original state while making sure any equipment and/or rentals are ready for collection.

Our wedding day co-ordination package ensures the smooth running of your day from start to finish. We can do as much or as little on the day as you would like. Our overall goal is to make sure that you enjoy your wedding day as much as is humanly possible!

Please contact us for a quote or details of our wedding day packages info@mjpevents.co.uk or 0845 527 7498 or visit our wedding planning packages page.

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