As the 14th February draws near and the pressure intensifies I wanted to encourage all of you gentlemen out there to make being romantic an all year round thing and not just a display which is shown on Valentines Day. Romance shouldn’t be displayed for just one day in the year. It should be embraced and displayed throughout your entire relationship!

Here are 5 romantic gestures that will have your significant other eating out of the palm of your hands.

Holding hands and impromptu kisses on the forehead

Women absolutely love it when men display their affections. Whether in private or around friends, family or the rest of the world. Let her and everybody around know exactly what she means to you. Hugging a women and kissing her on her forehead makes her feel both loved and protected.

Cook a romantic meal

It’s easy for any person to order a takeaway or to take your significant other to a restaurant filled with spectators but it takes a real effort to whip out that cook book, light a few candles, pop open a bottle of bubbly whilst listening to the sweet sounds of Luther Vandross playing ever so subtly in the background. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with going to restaurant’s or even getting a takeaway but a women loves when she can see that her man has thought about her and has made a planned effort to feed her soul.

table setting for valentines day

Eiffel Tower Anyone?….

How about a trip to Paris! Yes I said it! You love her right? So why not….let her know you’re the real deal. Maybe you’re planning a proposal that will knock her off her feet, well this is it! If a proposal isn’t on the cards just yet don’t worry, a romantic weekend in Paris will leave both you and her with memories that she’ll never forget. If your manage to tear yourselves away from your hotel room you’ll see that there’s so much to learn and do!

If Paris is out of reach right now then a romantic manor house getaway in Cornwall would be just as romantic….the world is your oyster.

Clean the house

I’m being serious…. It’s sometimes easy to take each other for granted. There are things which get done in a relationship which are simply unacknowledged and unappreciated like the hoovering!

If she gets home from work or from shopping one weekend and you’ve cleaned the house with no prompt, it will let her know that you do appreciate her and might even inspire her to put on that sexy lingerie set you recently bought her (because you’re so romantic). An extra touch might be to have a bubbling hot bath ready and waiting. What woman would be able to resist that!

You can’t go wrong with Roses

I know, its so cliché but women love flowers, especially went they’re sent for no reason. How about attaching a card with a few words to remind her of the many reasons you love her….flaws and all. Send them to her work and make her the envy of all the office singleton’s.

Being romantic and expressing love doesn’t have to be presented in any of the above ways, as long as you make your feelings known on a regular basis that’s all that matter’s. Remember that if you don’t, there’s someone out there who will. Everybody needs a bit of reassurance from time to time…….and she’s or he is worth it right!

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