When should you order & send your invites – what you should include – and when to expect replies.

With all your wedding organising we understanding that knowing the correct process for every aspect of planning your wedding can quickly become overwhelming. Wedding invitations set the tone for your entire day and can be an indication of the formality and style of your wedding. It reflects both your personalities, and has the potential to make the invited guests very excited to be included in your big day! With that in mind we have created some tips to consider when thinking about your wedding invitations.

When should you order your wedding invitations?

You should aim to order your wedding invitations at least 5 months before your wedding so that you have enough time to assemble and address them before sending them out to guests. If possible order your invitations, RSVP cards, Menu’s, thank you cards and envelopes from the same supplier to avoid inconsistencies in style, design and delivery. Ask the supplier if they provide samples and if so get some sent to you from at least 2 suppliers.

When should you send out your wedding invitations?

Ideally you should send your invitations out 10-6 weeks before your wedding. This gives your guest enough time to respond. If you are inviting any international guests we would recommend that you send invitations out 13 weeks prior to your wedding date as international guests will need to clear their schedules and make additional arrangements such as travel and time off work.

How long should you give your guests to RSVP?

Check with your caterer how far in advance they need the final headcount to be confirmed for food and drink. Typically, you would set your RSVP’s for 3 weeks before your wedding date. If you have guest’s that have not confirmed 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, you should give them a call to confirm their attendance. Some people just aren’t organised or very good at meeting deadlines so a polite phone call to any non-responders is a worthwhile exercise and could prevent any unwanted last minute surprises or empty seats on the day.

What inserts should be included in your invitation?

You can choose to keep your invitations as simple and cost effective as you like but in traditional order the following inputs are usually included within formal wedding invitations:

  • Invitation
  • Reception Card (If details are not on the invitation)
  • RSVP Card/stamped self-addressed envelope
  • If there is a specific dress code or theme, details of this should also be included.

We have tried to provide details on 4 of the most frequently asked questions regarding wedding invitations but if there is anything else that you would like to know please do not hesitate to get in touch.